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Wah Piang!


Why the interest so high ah?!

Huh?! My loan rejected? 😭

Mai tu liao!! (HokkienDon’t delay anymore)

Our loan specialist at Wah Piang is here help!

We’ll get in touch with all our abang, adik from Banks and in-house finance companies to ensure you’ll get the most competitive rates.

Whether you’re getting a new / used car or constipating (Opps, paiseh paiseh angmoh no good). We meant contemplating on renewing your COE.

At Wah Piang, we guarrenteed + chop, we’ll handle all the administrative and applications process swee swee for you!

Wah Piang eh! You still waiting for what?!

Just talk to us already~

 Car Loan?


As low as 1.99%* only!

Whether it’s second hand car,
or renewing your COE for 5 or 10 years.

Contact us for assistance.

Processing fee @ $350 only